2020 Bible Reading Plan

An Everyday journey

                  Isaiah 6;9                     Call and commissioning

                  Isaiah 44-45                Regathering and renewal of Israel

                  Isaiah 52-53                His suffering and sacrificial death

                  Isaiah 65-66                Judgment on false worship, mercy

                  Micah 1; 4:6-13; 5       Predictions of destruction, Israel enem

                  2 Kings 17-18              Hoshea’s reign, fall of north. Kingdom

                  2 Kings 19-21               Hez. Illness, healing, fool and death

                  2 Kings 22-23              Josiah: Revival and reform

                  Jer 1-3:5                      Jeremiah’s condemning words

                  Jer 25;29                     Coming Babylonian captivity

                  Jer 31:31-40;32-33      Renewed covenant, faith illustration

                  Jer 52, 2 Kings 24-25   Review of demise, deport to exile

                  Ezek 1:1-3; 36:16-38; 37  vision, valley of dry bones, retores

                  Dan 1-2                       Daniel and 3 Heb children faithful…

                  Dan 3-4                       Fiery furnace, fulfillment Neb dream

                  Dan 5-6                       Daniel rescued from lion’s den

                  Dan 9-10;12                Prayer for things to come, end times

                  Ezra 1-2                       1st return, proclamation of king

                  Ezra 3-4                       Rebuilding altar, worship restored

                  Ezra 5-6                       Construction resumes and completes 

                  Zech 1:1-6;2;12           Repentance, rescue of Israel

                  Ezra 7-8                       Ezra return

                  Ezra 9-10                     Reforms of Ezra

                  Esther 1-2                    Vashti removed, Esther selected

                  Esther 3-4                    Haman’s plot, Mor gets Esther’s help  

                  Esther 5-7                    Esther’s request, king’s sleepless night

                  Esther 8-10                  God gives victory, celebrate

                  Neh 1-2                       Prays for Jerusalem, goes to Jer

                  Neh 3-4                       Builders and opposition

                  Neh 5-6                       Extortion, fear and accomplishment

                  Neh 7-8                       Reviving people of Jer, led by Ezra

                  Neh 9                           Fasting, repentance and covenant God

                  Neh 10                        Covenant with God

                  Neh 11                         Resettle of Jerusalem, led by Neh…

                  Neh 12                        Dedication of walls

                  Neh 13                        Reforms under Nehemiah

                  Malachi 1                    God has loved Israel

                  Malachi 2                    Israel dishonored the Lord

                  Malachi 3                    Return to the Lord

                  Malachi 4                    The day of the Lord

                  Luke 1                          Intro the Messiah

                  Luke 2                          Birth of Jesus

                  Matt 1-2                      Intro Messiah

                  Mark 1                         Intro Messiah

                  John 1                          Intro “the Word”

                  Matt 3-4                      Beginning of JC ministry

                  Matt 5                         Teaching of discipleship

                  Matt 6                         Teaching on discipleship

                  Matt 7                         Teaching on discipleship

                  Matt 8                         Miracles reveal His authority

                  Luke 9:10-62               Feeding 5,000 Peter’s confession

                  Mark 9-10                   Transfiguration, miracles, teachings

                  Luke 12                        Warnings and encouragements oppo

                  John 3-4                      New birth/New life healing officer son

                  Luke 14                        Cost of discipleship    

                  John 6                          Miracles, walking on water, bread life

                  Matt 19:16-30             Children come, rich young man

                  Luke 15-16                  Par lost and found, rich man and laz.

                  Luke 17:11-37; 18       Gratitude & expectation, persistence

                  Mark 10                       Teachings on divorce

                  John 11, Matt 21:1-13 Raise Lazerus from dead, triumphal entry

                  John 13                        Serving, washing the feet

                  John 14-15                  Way to Father, promise of Holy Spirit

                  John 16                        Expecting Holy Spirit, grief to joy

                  Matt 24:1-31               End times