Blake Jones

Youth Pastor

About Pastor Blake

Full Name: Richard Blake Jones

Wife- Kendal Jones

When and where did you get saved:
At church camp in Louisiana in 2007

Been in ministry since:
June of 2015

One thing that most people don’t know about me:
I really enjoying studying history.

Favorite singer:
Chris Brown from Elevation worship/Tasha Cobbs

People I would like to meet:
Walt Disney.. simply to understand how he focused so well on details.

Regular Coffee or Tea Order:
French vanilla creamer with a dash of coffee

Favorite Movies:
Troy/Gladiator/Robin hood (with Russell Crowe)

My hero:
My brother, Brandon.

The most adventurous thing you’ve ever done:
Me and my brothers built a Four-wheeler Racetrack in the woods behind our house when we were growing up.

The most exotic place you’ve even been to:
A disc golf course on top of a mountain in Southern California (I haven’t been very many places)

What makes you laugh:
I love stand up comedy.. often times I will listen to random stand up comedians instead of music on road trips

Favorite Food:

Favorite Actress:
Jennifer Anniston

Favorite Actor:
Mark Wahlberg/Robert Downey Jr

In my spare-time…
I love to play disc golf.

I am more concerned with the way my hair looks than most people realize.. My hair usually has to feel like its perfect to me or I won’t leave the house without a hat on.

Being bit by a poisonous snake/spider and not being able to get to a hospital in time.

Favorite Book:
The outsiders

Life-Changing Moment:
The moment Kendal said yes to marrying me. (cheesy, yes I know, but true.)

Dream Vacation:
Go to Rome and tour the roman coliseum