Jason Mejias
Worship Pastors

About Pastor Jason

Full Name: Jason Mejias

Family: Blessed with 3 amazing children

When and where did you get saved:
I was 8 years old in Bridgeport Connecticut

Been in ministry since:

One thing that most people don’t know about me:
I studied Automotive’s in High School. (Don’t ask me to change your oil)

Favorite singer:
Israel Houghton

People I would like to meet:
Peter and John F Kennedy

Regular Coffee or Tea Order:
Coffee (Cream and Sugar)

Favorite Movies:
Back To The Future, All Marvel Movies, STAR WARS

Least Favorite Thing To Do:
Wait on people who are late

My Hero:
My dad

Most Exotic place you have ever been to:
Punta Cana

Most adventurous thing you have ever done:
Helicopter ride over and into the Grand Canyon

What makes you laugh:

Favorite Food:
Puerto Rican Yellow Rice with Lechon

Favorite Actress:
Meryl Streep

Favorite Actor:
Tom Hanks

In my spare time…:
I go to the movies

I use way too many Q-Tips

Letting my kids down

Favorite Book:
Ready Player One

Life-Changing Moment:
When I held my child in my arms for the first time

Dream Vacation:
Italy, Greece and Australia