Sterling Wilborn
Youth / Associate Pastor

About Pastor Sterling

Full Name: Sterling Wilborn

Wife Vanessa, son Klein Gabriel

When and where did you get saved:
In the living room of my house when I was a wee little lad

Been in ministry since:
2013, Bible college in 2009

One thing that most people don’t know about me:
I have a mild form of road rage. No gestures or cussing though, honest!

Favorite singer:
Jeff Buckley for sure.

People I would like to meet:
Besides Jesus, right? Jimmy Fallon, Winston Churchill, and anyone that walks into Journey Church!

Regular Coffee or Tea Order:
White Chocolate Mocha

Favorite Movies:
Tommy Boy, Kung Fu Hustle, and anything by Christopher Nolan.

Favorite Movies:

My hero:
My father. The guy had no reason to believe that things would work out the way that they did, yet he led the family with humble faith.

The most adventurous thing you’ve ever done:
I accepted and memorized the main role in my 6th grade theater drama “The princess and the frog” the night before the play. The main actor came down with the flu, we had been practicing for months, and my theater teacher said that I was the only one that could memorize all 128 lines in time. Also, it was the role of the princess. That video has been burned.

The most exotic place you’ve even been to:
Costa Rica

What makes you laugh:
People doing uncharacteristically funny things.

Favorite Food:
Chuy’s Chicken Fajitas

Favorite Actress:
Saoirse Ronan

Favorite Actor:
Hugh Jackman

In my spare-time…
Watch stand-up comedy, play with son, games, read leadership books, sing, recharge my introverted batteries.

Need the perfect ratio of peanut butter to jelly, clean my phone every night, never unties shoes, need a fan to sleep, handwriting is horrible, always have gum on me, hate getting haircuts/love freshly cut hair, clean person but don’t mind clutter, love routines, unhealthy obsession with sweet tea, budget like a madman, loves dad jokes, near conspiracy-theorist,

Getting in an accident, hangnail will rip off, spiders, will go bald one day, son learns how to twerk.

Favorite Book:
No God But One: Allah or Jesus?

Life-Changing Moment:
The moment I saw Vanessa walk across the parking lot in college after two years of friendship and thinking, “Something is different about her this year.”

Dream Vacation:
Visiting Japan to see the history, intricacies, and beauty of Japanese culture.