Tony Grondin

Worship Pastor

About Pastor Tony

Full Name: Anthony (Tony) Grondin


My dad’s name was Jean-Bruno Grondin (went by Nono :)), and my mom’s name Corinne Hoarau (Goes by Coco). I have two sisters, Virginie (Vivie) Nazaraly who is 35, and Jessica (Jess) Grondin age 18. My mother and sisters still live in Reunion Island. 

When and where did you get saved:

I truly gave my heart to Christ, in my childhood home (Saint-Denis, Reunion Island), in my room, at the age of 17. I grew up going to church my whole life but one day after attempting suicide, I woke up with a verse on my heart, Jeremiah 29:11. It my brought hope, and true peace. And I have followed Jesus ever since.

Been in ministry since:

I have mostly been in volunteer ministry since the age of 19 while I studied theology and ministry in seminary. But I have only been in vocational ministry since August last year. 

One thing that most people don’t know about me:

I love cooking and am decent at it :). 

Favorite singer:

I really like Sia, James Bay, Taya smith, Brooke Lingertwood Fraser, and Lauren Daigle. 

People I would like to meet:

John Williams, and Hans Zimmer. I think I would pass out from intimidation. 

Regular Coffee or Tea Order:

Caramel Macchiato, but I don’t often go out for coffee. I just like my simple coffee and cream in the morning. 

Favorite Movies:

Batman trilogy, The Prestige, The Mask (Jim Carrey), Disney’s Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, and Tarzan.

My Hero:

Pastor Jeff, haha. 

Most Exotic place you have ever been to:

When I was 10, my family moved to New Caledonia, a French territory near new guinea. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

Most adventurous thing you have ever done:

Moving away from home by myself at the age of 18, never looking back, to follow Jesus and go to seminary in Brussels, Belgium.

What makes you laugh:

I like funny Animal videos and pranks videos on YouTube.

Favorite Food:

Durums, these are a sort of belgian-turkish shawarma. They are basically a burrito filled with spitfired meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, corn, carrots, Belgian fries, and spicy mayonnaise

Favorite Actress:

Emma Stone

Favorite Actor:

Christian Bale, Leo DiCaprio, Andrew Garfield,  Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, Russel Crow these are just great actors really.

In my spare time…

I LOVE studying Classical Music. Especially composers from the Late-Romantic Era, and 20th Century. Then I like to watch movies and shows, and play adventure and some RPG video games


I dance funny, speak funny, I forget stuff.


Snakes, Big Cities, driving places I don’t know.

Favorite Book:

The Chronicles of Narnia.

Dream Vacation:

I would love to go on a world food trip. Definitely including Italy, Japan, and China.