What we believe

Experience / Connect / Grow


WE BELIEVE every worship service should create an atmosphere where people can be EXPERIENCING God’s life changing presence in a creative environment. 

WE BELIEVE all growth happens in an environment where people can be CONNECTING to others through authentic community. 

 WE BELIEVE all of us should be GROWING in our personal understanding of God and doing our part to share who Christ is in our personal spheres of influence.

 WE BELIEVE God deserves our very best, so we strive for a spirit of excellence and creativity in all we do.

 WE BELIEVE in legacy. We believe it is important to identify and train up the next generation of emerging leadership to win their generation. We believe in this process honor should be given where honor is due.

 WE BELIEVE it is the job of the church to plant healthy, viable churches in other communities.

We fully and wholeheartedly support and believe the tenants of faith of the Assemblies of God. 
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